10 Proven Facebook Strategies Bloggers Use to Boost Traffic and Thriving in April 2024

In today’s competitive blogging landscape, driving traffic to your blog is essential for success. Facebook, with its vast user base and powerful targeting capabilities, has become a go-to platform for bloggers looking to increase their readership.

However, with ever-changing algorithms and countless strategies to choose from, it can be challenging to know which tactics are most effective.

To help you navigate this complex world, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Facebook strategies that successful bloggers are using right now to drive significant traffic to their blogs.

These proven techniques, gleaned from the experiences of seasoned bloggers, range from clever content creation to strategic post timing and beyond.

Whether you’re a beginner blogger or a seasoned pro, implementing these 10 strategies can help you unlock the full potential of Facebook as a traffic-driving tool.

1. The First Comment Link Strategy

Posting link in the first comment (April 2024)
Several bloggers are posting engaging images without any links in the main post. They then add a link to their blog in the first comment. This strategy allows the post to gain initial traction and reach before introducing the link.

2. Scheduling Comments with Business Suite

Scheduling comments using Facebook Business Suite
Bloggers can schedule the first comment containing a link using Facebook Business Suite. In the Planner, click the image of the scheduled post, then click the image again in the popup. On the right side of the page that opens, you can add a scheduled comment.

3. Boost Engagement with Variation Lists

Listing variations in post descriptions (April 2024)
One forum user shared an example of a successful post about “13 Old Fashioned Variations” that listed the variations in the post description. This post had a reach of 50K with 1,800+ engagements and drove 200 sessions per day to their blog.

4. Earn with Facebook’s Bonus Program

Joining Facebook’s Bonus program (April 2024)
Some bloggers have been invited to Facebook’s Bonus program, which allows them to earn money based on the performance of their posts. An user made $150 in the first 22 days of joining the program.

5. Craft Irresistible Titles with ChatGPT

Creating clickbait titles with the help of ChatGPT (April 2024)
One user used ChatGPT to generate enticing, clickbait-style titles for their blog posts, focusing on scarcity, exclusivity, or urgency. For example, “12 Best Grapefruit Smoothie to Try” became “Try These 12 Viral Grapefruit Smoothie Before Your Friends Do.”

6. Spark Controversy with Colored Backgrounds

Posting controversial questions with colored background text (April 2024)
One user found success by posting controversial questions related to their niche using colored background text. They then provide a link to a blog post with the answer in the first comment. This strategy led to one post receiving over 700 comments and driving a couple hundred views per day to the linked post for about a week.

7. Drive Traffic with Listicle Links

Linking to listicles in the comments (April 2024)
A few users adapt their content to fit the question-and-answer style posts. They ask questions like “How many types of _ can you name?” or “What’s your favorite type of _?” and then link to a listicle containing the answers in the first comment.

8. Engage with Original Reel Content

Posting original video content in Reels (April 2024)
A few users are creating original video content for Reels, with one user posting 9-second videos several times a day. This has led to one user earning almost $10 in the first 24 hours after signing up for ads on Reels.

9. Prioritize Reach and Engagement

Focusing on engagement and Facebook reach (April 2024)
One user shifted their focus from driving clicks to their website to prioritizing Facebook reach and engagement. By doing so, they earned $500 in a single day from Facebook bonuses, with their two biggest posts reaching 1.5 and 1.2 million in reach.

10. Delay Links for Viral Impact

Delaying the addition of links to viral posts (April 2024)
One user allows their posts to go viral without any links initially. After a few hours, when the post has gained traction, they add a link to the caption or edit their first comment to include the link. This strategy allows them to maintain the post’s viral reach while still driving traffic to their blog.