Maximizing Web Traffic:’s Journey from 700K to 40M Monthly Visitors through Google Discover, Facebook Engagement, SEO Optimization, and Writer Incentives

Kurt Schmidt’s secret to driving traffic to involves several key strategies:

  1. Optimizing for Google Discover: A significant portion of the site’s traffic comes from Google Discover. Kurt focuses on creating engaging content with attention-grabbing headlines and high-quality images to achieve high click-through rates. He emphasizes the importance of balancing enticing headlines with substantial content to maintain user engagement and avoid high bounce rates.
  2. Facebook Traffic: Kurt leverages Facebook effectively by understanding and replicating the engagement patterns of successful content on the platform. His approach involves focusing on posts with high engagement rates and adapting their strategies to his content.
  3. SEO and Content Quality: Using tools like MarketMuse, Kurt ensures his content is SEO-optimized and of high quality. He also stresses the importance of using technology and AI tools to inform content and image choices.
  4. Incentivizing Writers: He employs a unique compensation model for writers, tying their earnings to the performance of their articles. This strategy motivates writers to produce high-performing content.

As for the traffic and its sources:

  • Overall Traffic: has experienced a remarkable increase in traffic, from around 700,000 monthly visitors at the time of purchase in 2018 to over 40 million monthly visitors now.
  • Traffic Sources Breakdown:
    • Google Discover: Approximately 50% of the site’s overall traffic comes from Google Discover.
    • Facebook: About 20% of the traffic is derived from Facebook. Despite a lower percentage compared to Google Discover, the actual number of visitors from Facebook is significant due to the site’s high overall traffic.
    • Other Google Sources: There is additional traffic from other unspecified Google sources, possibly including top story carousels.
    • Referral and Others: The site also receives traffic from non-Google referral sources like Smart News, News Break app, traditional search traffic, Google News, and their email newsletter. However, these combined constitute less than 30% of the total traffic.

In summary, Kurt Schmidt’s secret lies in a strategic combination of engaging content optimized for Google Discover, effective use of Facebook for traffic generation, SEO-focused content strategies, and a unique writer incentivization program. These elements together contribute to the high volume of traffic receives.